Institutional & Public Sector

Proji-Contrôle’s business solutions have been chosen by some of the largest and best known institutional agencies, such as Desjardins, The City of Montreal, Transport Canada and others who search for the highest standards of software quality and reliability.

  • Select the right investments
  • Deliver the right projects and programs with the greatest value
  • Maintain compliance
  • Deliver critical citizen services
  • Improve revenue generation and tracking

Proji-Contrôle’s business solutions allows institutional agencies to propose, plan, and control the investments that present the greatest value to both the agencies and the public they serve. National and local institutional agencies can effectively manage time, costs, resources, contracts, and changes to all types of projects or programs—including management of IT investments, grants, military systems, capital facility projects, maintenance and improvement programs, and more.

Proji-Contrôle’s business solutions support both strategic planning needs and the operational controls required to deliver programs and projects of all sizes—on time and within budget.