Proji-Contrôle’s business solutions include InEight (formerly Hard Dollar) which embodies project cost management to create more than a plan, it makes projects dynamic. InEightallows you to track actual costs, gain total project confidence in cost estimating, productivity management and earned value.

Produce Exceptional Results
Built for efficiency, InEight is equipped with practical tools that keep your project organized and profitable—simply, reliably, and accurately.

With InEight you are enabled to tap into real-time visibility of actual project facts and figures. Front-line employees can now accurately estimate, manage and accumulate critical performance history to deliver successful projects. Organizations use InEight to reduce the time it takes to build accurate estimates by 300%, increasing cost accuracy, speeding up customer response times, reducing administrative expenses, mitigating risk and improving profit margins.

  • View and edit projects with InEight for total collaboration with all project members to ensure information is always up-to-date.
  • From planning to completion, InEight allows all aspects of the project to be clearly visible with real-time facts and figures.
  • Improve the effectiveness of project planning and execution by consolidating all project information. Utilize InEight tracking features to highlight any potential overruns to increase total productivity.
  • Making it easier to interact with massive amounts of data, InEight creates a powerful and informative way to see trends and patterns of earned value.
  • InEight is packed with resource management tools that are fully customizable, with unlimited resource-level cost detailing.

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