Industrial & Mining

Our business solutions have been chosen by some of the largest and best known companies, such as Xstrata, New Millenium and GoldCorp who search for the highest standards of software quality and reliability.

With increased competitive pressures, industrial manufacturers confront numerous challenges, greater regulation and a more mobile and fragmented workforce—making it more challenging to sustain growth and profitability.

With the volatile nature of labor and material costs, as well as rapidly changing project specifications and customer demands, managing resource requirements and delivery time are more complex then ever. With tighter regulations there is a need for stricter reporting requirements and greater control.

Mining companies require comprehensive functionality to meet their many business and operational challenges. They are faced with significant challenges in human resource management as a result of location and work demands placed on their personnel. An example of this is equipment maintenance, which is generally managed at the site, but can draw on resources that are thousands of miles away. Procurement needs also vary – everything from housing requirements to conveyor belts and hydraulic filter spares –and where inventory shortages can spell shutdown. In addition, the firms IT system must be able to drill down into detail and roll up to show consolidated financial information.

Proji-Contrôle can provide solutions that help such companies:

  • Meet their delivery commitments
  • Achieve business goals in a highly competitive and demanding environment
  • Streamline, automate, and speed up the manufacturing process

Proji-Contrôle’s business solutions enable industrial manufacturing and mining firms to constantly examine resources, supplies and schedules to ensure that every phase of their project’s life cycle meets changing customer needs, and that their product is delivered on time and within budget.