Proji-Contrôle provides industry-specific solutions includes Sage Estimating

Generating more estimates can improve your chances of winning more jobs. But estimating precision is how you build profitability into each project before you even break ground.

With Sage Estimating, you’re able to stay on top of the estimating process from start to finish thanks to multiple takeoff options, industry-specific pricing databases, and integration with other Sage Construction and Real Estate modules such as Job Cost. By automating and streamlining your estimating processes, you’ll ensure that every detail is accounted for and your cost projections are accurate.

Sharpen your accuracy, save time, and maximize profits with Sage Estimating:

  • Generate more estimates in less time and win more profitable bids.
  • Spend less time crunching numbers and more time analyzing and fine-tuning estimates.
  • Increase productivity and reduce errors by integrating and sharing data with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate   
    Office accounting, project management, and procurement applications.
  • Refine Sage Estimating to your specific business needs.

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