Services – Implementation

In addition to software, Proji-Controle often suggests implementation services to integrate software into your environment. Implementation involves understanding your business needs, objectives, and skills already in place. We then tailor an implementation plan to your organizations needs. Although each implementation differs from organization to organization many of the services performed are consistent. Typical service offerings include:

  • Assist in the development of a detailed implementation and training plan
  • Develop project management experts in your organization
  • Put the software structure in place
  • Elevate the skill levels of your people to the appropriate levels, both in the area of project management skills and software proficiency
  • Put the necessary procedures, and reporting in place
  • Convert existing project data
  • Develop interfaces to other critical corporate systems
  • Coaches and mentors management on how to deal with project management information, and to use technology to develop alternatives
  • Roll out critical projects